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Lewis Springer to Represent Design Community

Background: In June 2017, the Division of the State Architect (DSA) sought to usher in a new era of improved stakeholder collaboration in their access code development process. To aid in attaining that goal, they established the (Access Code Collaborative) ACC, a diverse, representative group that will provide input and feedback to DSA on proposed amendments to California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 11B regulations affecting individuals with disabilities.

Lewis R. Springer III, has been selected to represent design professionals. He is a licensed architect for over 35 years and is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), and is the owner of LRS... Architecture, a firm focusing on accessibility compliance with the American Disabilities Act and the California Building Codes.  At LRS...Architecture, Lewis and his team focus on consulting with design professionals to improve their projects access design and construction. The firm provides CASp inspections, plan review, and accessibility consulting.

As the ACC representative of the design community, Lewis is seeking your input and feedback on chapter 11B. His team has put together a short form, available on their website, for you to send feedback or to ask questions. Please visit:

Lewis Springer, the ACC design professional liaison
Lewis Springer, the ACC design professional liaison

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