Access Code Collaborative

In June 2017, DSA sought to usher in a new era of improved stakeholder collaboration in DSA’s access code development process. To aid in attaining that goal, DSA established the ACC, a diverse, representative group that will provide input and feedback to DSA on proposed amendments to California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 11B regulations affecting individuals with disabilities. DSA engaged the services of UC Davis as a neutral facilitator to gather input to inform the design and operation of the ACC.

Our Role

Lewis Springer was selected to represent the design community on the ACC. As a representative Mr. Springer regularly attends meetings of the ACC to develop and improve the access code. His goal is to be a bridge between the design community and the ACC to create codes that will help all architects, civil engineers, and landscape architects create functional built environments that are beautiful and accessible to all. 

Working with Us

At LRS...Architecture, our goal is to be a resource to your team and fill the void when it comes to accessibility expertise. Whether you are bidding a government project and need a CASp on the team or you are working in the private sector and want to off-load the workload of accessibility specs, we exist to meet that need. We can offer your team: 

  • Pre-planning CASp inspections

  • Punchlist/post construction inspections

  • Design review

  • accessibility consulting

Current ACC Topics

Major Changes

  1. Detectable Warning

  2. Public Housing (Omits all reference to 11A and affects multiple sections)

  3. Bottle Filling Station


Minor language changes

  1. Primary Function

  2. Baby changing tables (language change to Baby diaper changing station)

  3. Electric Vehicle Charging Station

  4. Shower compartments

 Click here to download the full document.

Click here for October 24- ACC Meeting Code Changes (Detectable Warning).

Send us your input

We are eager to serve your interests as a member of the ACC and value feedback from our peers. Please send us any comments or concerns about your current frustrations dealing with the access codes either in design or permit processes by clicking the link below and filling out this form. 

As new code language is available for public comment, we will make it available here. Please feel free to use the link above to send us feedback during those time frames.