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2023 Valuation Threshold

The Valuation Threshold for Alterations, Structural Repairs or Additions to Existing Buildings in accordance with the 2022 California Building Code Chapter 2 definition of VALUATION THRESHOLD has been updated. The 2023 valuation threshold is $195,358.00 and will be updated again in January 2024.

Projects submitted to DSA after January 25, 2023, shall use this revised Valuation Threshold to determine applicability of 2022 CBC Chapter 11B Section 11B-202.4 exception 8.

Additional information is available on DSA’s Access Compliance Reference Materials webpage.

LRS...Architecture offers path of travel reports as part of your tenant improvement scoping to help identify what areas of the path of travel need to be upgraded or help determine if compliance is already achieved. Should your project already provide a complete and compliant path of travel, we can help you make that case during your permit process for why no improvements are being made. Call us for your next tenant improvement accessibility needs.

If you need a refresher 11B-202.4 requires an accessible path of travel be provided to any altered area during a remodel, renovation, or tenant improvement.

The primary accessible path of travel shall include:

1. A primary entrance to the building or facility,

2. Toilet and bathing facilities serving the area,

3. Drinking fountains serving the area,

4. Public telephones serving the area, and

5. Signs.

Exception 8 states that when the adjusted construction cost is less than the valuation threshold the total cost for complying with section 11B-202.4 shall be limited to 20% of the adjusted construction cost budget. Should it require more than 20% of the construction budget to provide an accessible path of travel, compliance to the greatest extend possible is required. If the construction budget exceeds the current valuation threshold, full compliance is required.

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