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CASp Info and Qualified Defendant Status

Benefits of Qualified Defendant Status

90 Day Stay

The defendant has 90 days where the case cannot be advanced and attorney fees cannot be accumulated. 

Early Evaluation Conference

A meeting between the plaintiff, defendant, and a court official with the objective of resolving the dispute.

Reduced Fines

Without a CASp Report, a defendant can be sued for $4,000 per instance. With a CASp report the fines are dropped to $1,000 per instance

Reduced Construction Costs

Working with our team reduces changes made during construction, helping to keep change fees minimal.

Minimize Plan Check Corrections

Know in advance and plan your ADA upgrades before submitting for plan checking helping to reduce changes and shorten permit times.

Create a Better Building

Our goal is to incorporate ADA guidelines into your building in a meaningful and artful way in order to create the best built environment for all.

To become a Qualified Defendant, all a business needs is:

  1. A CASp to inspect their property

  2. A CASp to provide a report of their inspection findings. 

  3. Create a transition plan and stay up to date on the improvements outlined in their plan. 

Find Your Solution to ADA Access Today

What is the CASp Program?

The CASp program and certification was created by California Senate Bill 262 to help meet the need for qualified professionals to evaluate accessibility at public accommodations such as retail and hospitality properties.

To meet the needs of both business owners and the disabled community, California created the Certified Access Specialist program.

A Certified Access Specialist or CASp is someone with specialized knowledge of the state and federal construction-related accessibility standards. A CASp can perform an evaluation of the property for compliance with applicable construction-related accessibility codes and standards.

CASp inspections and reports are voluntary and can offer “qualified defendant” status in the event of a construction-related ADA or accessibility lawsuit. In the event you become a defendant in a construction related accessibility claim against your place of public accommodation, as a “qualified defendant” you may request a court stay and an early evaluation conference. Additionally, statutory damages can be reduced from $4,000 to $1,000 or $2,000 in certain circumstances.

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