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Corporate Planning

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a plan that told you exactly what to do each year across all your sites AND that plan came with major legal benefits and a tax credit???

Hire us and take the frustration and fear out of accessibility. 

LRS...Architecture works with our corporate clients on an individual basis to determine your exact needs across your real estate portfolio. Whether it's tackling improvements in existing locations, identifying potential issues in new properties, or assisting with plan review for facility upgrades or tenant improvements, we are here to simplify accessibility for your team.


Services Offered:

Site Assessments

From a single site to a nation wide portfolio, we can assess each site and create a list of architectural barriers that need to be removed to provide access

Strategic Planning

Once we have identified the barriers present, we will work with your team to develop strategic plans for barrier removal over time, taking into account, usage, federal and local requirements. 



Since requirements vary across states and across cities, having a accessibility consultant review plans for specific requirements based on location is important to ensure access i



If you are looking at purchasing or leasing new properties, we can help in identified any potential access issues exiting that will impact the locations accessibility or pose legal risk. 

Markets Served:


Find Your Solution to ADA Access Today?

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