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Partnering with design professionals, businesses, and government entities to improve accessibility in the built environment. 

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Our reports are comprehensive enough to stand up in court, but easy to read and understand. We have designed a unique approach for our inspection process that ensures we do not miss anything in your building or site. We can supply a variety of reports from a full CASp report, a pre-lease inspection report, pre-construction reports, etc.



We work with other firms, building departments and private clients to review plans for ADA compliance. Whether the AHJ does an ADA inspection during plan review or not, we can offer a full scale review of plans to make sure everything is built according to the most up to date codes. 



Our goal is to be a resource and partner in the design community solving accessibility problems. Whether you are a small firm doing a tenant improvement or a large firm tackling the next large government contract, LRS...Architecture is available to assist you with your ADA planning and design as well as access barrier removal solutions.

We helped this client save over

$1 Million!


we do

We help you and your business be accessible --- AND avoid a lawsuit! We saw too many businesses loosing time and money or closing entirely trying to fight hefty lawsuits (Remember Squeeze Inn???

As your accessibility consultants, we look at your space, tell you what can be improved {based on the CBC and ADA}, and help you create a plan to tackle those improvements. Think of us as the "EASY" button for your ADA planning. 



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