Frequently asked questions

What is a CASp report?

A CASp report is a document compiled by a Certified Access Specialist listing any and all accessibility barriers or items not complying with both federal and state accessibility standards. This report is often combined with a schedule of improvements that states when the business or property owner will removing the barriers. There is no standard reporting format required of a CASp so it is important to understand in advance what you will be getting from a CASp you hire.

What is the difference between an ADA inspection and CASp report?

A CASp inspection is compiled by someone who has passed the certification testing by the state of California to hold the title CASp. Only a Certified Access Specialist can issue a CASp report. This is the only way to be granted qualified defendant status. An ADA inspection does not provide any legal protection and may be missing information needed to move forward in barrier removal.

What are the benefits?

A CASp Inspection Certificate provides an owner with detailed information and protects the property and business owners. The following benefits apply to those who meet the requirements of a qualified defendant: 1) Reduced fine from $4,000/incident to $1,000/incident. 2) 90 day stay where you can resolve the case without the plantif and their legal team incurring costs you would be liable to pay. 3) An early evaulation conference where you can meet with a judge to provide documents and resolve issue without waiting for a court date. 4) Identifies "readily achievable" barriers that need to be removed. 5) Provides time to make corrections 6) Assurance that the property complies with both federal and state accessibility requirements. 7) Enhances the experience of guests/clients/employees with disabilites and their caregivers.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an inspection depends on the complexity of the building: how many parking spaces, restrooms, doors, stairs, elevators, etc. These are all items the CASp will need to inspect. LRS...Architecture has created a standard inspection process that includes looking at thousands of data points. For example each door we inspect has 259 items we need to look at to determine compliance. Because of these requirements, it is impossible to give quotes without information on the building first. Please call our office to get an estimate: 916-995-4798.

Who needs to follow the ADA?

The ADA applies to commercial properties and public entities or public accomdations, recently ruled that websites fall into this category as well. Any business with an area that a client or patron may access must follow the rules of the ADA. It is clearly stated in the law that both landlord and tenant are responsible for compliance. Multi-family residential and public housing also must follow the ADA.

Are there tax benefits.

Yes there are tax credits available for ADA upgrades. Please visit our resources page where you can download a form to download with more information about the credits available.