The LRS...Architecture Difference

"The ADA is always changing."        "Its so complicated"

"I don't have time or money to constantly make improvements."


You're not in business to understand the nuances of your building's disability access. 

Stop wasting time and money guessing what you need.


Because getting sued isn't a business plan...

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a plan that told you exactly what to do each year AND that plan came with major legal benefits and a tax credit???

Hire us and take the frustration and fear out of accessibility. 

What's included

In your CASp report you will find...

An punchlist of non-compliant items

This punchlist gives an overview of items found to be non-compliant at a project.

Want a sample

Email with the Subject CASP SAMPLE REPORT


The defendant has 90 days where the case cannot be advanced and attorney fees cannot be accumulated. 

90 Day

A meeting between the plaintiff, defendant, and a court official with the objective of resolving the dispute.

Early Evaluation Conference

Without a CASp Report, a defendant can be sued for $4,000 per instance. With a CASp report the fines are dropped to $1,000 per instance

Reduced Fines

Working with our team reduces changes made during construction, helping to keep change fees minimal.

Reduce Construction Costs

Know in advance and plan your ADA upgrades before submitting for plan checking helping to reduce changes and shorten permit times.

Minimize Plan Check Corrections

Our goal is to incorporate ADA guidelines into your building in a meaningful and artful way in order to create the best built environment for all.

Create a Better Building