Requirements for Single User Restrooms

Recent legislation (Chapter 818, Statutes of 2016 [AB 1732]) requires that single occupancy (single-user) toilet facilities be identified for use by any gender, as opposed to being gender specific. This requirement applies to new facilities and existing facilities, effective March 1, 2017. The Division of the State Architect (DSA) announces the issuance of BU-17-01: Identification of Single-User Toilet Facilities as All-Gender to provide guidance for identifying single-user toilet facilities as all-gender toilet facilities in accordance with the accessibility provisions of the California Building Code.
This bulletin provides direction and clarification to schools, community colleges, and other entities under DSA’s jurisdiction, to aid them in complying with new state law requirements. This bulletin may also be used by entities outside of DSA's enforcement authority, such as business establishments, places of public accommodation, and state and local government agencies, as a guide, subject to interpretation and enforcement by the local agency.


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Gender Neutral Restroom Signage